Well, what a year!!!

When we set out on our journey just over a year ago, we obviously had to provide projections to the bank, FSA etc and unbelievably, the targets we set which were considered an extremely realistic projection of what could be expected in our first year of trading but we have succeeded in more than doubling the turnover which we projected.

In turn this means that we have created three jobs in addition to the four directors as well as fully supporting our extended team of Cubic Surveying Services and Restore (Fire and Flood). We thank everyone associated with those organisations for the excellent work done for our clients during our first year and long may this continue. Both Cubic and Restore have increased their staff during this time to help deal with the volume of work being obtained both via ourselves and from their other supporters.

Thanks also to Robert Godlonton who has proven to be every bit as professional and successful as we anticipated and our success is to some degree attributable to his continuing efforts. Again he is currently in the process of developing his company as part of our own continuing expansion plans.

However the major part of our success relates to the excellent customer service standards which we have been able to maintain throughout a year which was clearly more successful that we could ever have dreamed of.

Well done everyone!!!