Leeds United Football Club Over The Years

It was in May 1920 that Leeds United joined the Football League. They started as being in the second division. Then, later on, they were promoted to first division. For the 1959-1960 season, Leeds moved down and went back to the Second Division. It was due to the loss of John Charles. He was the main man back then.

Liverpool 1963-64 with the championship trophy - Back: Milne, Byrne, Lawrence, Moran, Stevenson, Paisley (Trainer) - Front: Bennett (Coach), Callaghan, Hunt, St John, Williams (President), Yeats, Arrowsmith, Thompson, Shankly (Manager)

Under the management of Don Revie, the club’s former player, things changed for Leeds. Even when facing financial difficulty and had to call in a firm of Leeds loss assessors. This did not stop them from winning. It was in the 1961-62 season that shifted everything. It’s a do or die situation. Only a win for that season can save the club from being moved to the Third Division.

Under Revie’s management for thirteen years, the club won first division titles, second division title, inter-cities fairs cups, league cup, and led them to the finals of FA Cup, and much more. They even grabbed the second spot five times for FL First Division. It was this time that the team got into the list of the greatest football teams.

For the succeeding seasons, Leeds had experienced a rough ride coming from different managers, went through relegation, financial difficulty, and many setbacks. The chairmanship, the selling the stake, and few circumstances had led Leeds to be suffering big time. The glorious days were over, or is it?

It was in 2001 that the club faced a huge challenge. There was a financial turmoil plus a relegation. This was under the chairmanship of Peter Ridsdale. Eventually, the board decided to sell the Leeds to Ken Bates.

During the 2009-2010 season, dark days were over, so it seemed. They had the best start. The club even won their last game and then the confirmation of Leed’s promotion towards The Championship had been made.

When they return to the championship, they did not finish with flying colors. However, they ended at the 7th place. This was a good start. Bates became the owner of the club on May 2011. Fans have been protesting having Bates owning the team since he lacked knowledge when it comes to the investment side.

On February 2014, it was announced that the club was sold to Eleonora Sports Ltd. This made Cellino family obtain 75% ownership of Leeds. However, on December 2014, the FL disqualified him. There have been documents showing he is guilty for tax evasion.

On February 2015, Cellino said he wouldn’t go back to the club, and on October of the same year, he agreed to sell the majority of his shares in the club. June 2016, Garry Monk replaced Steve Evans as the club’s coach.

As for what the future may lead to Leeds has left every fan wondering. With what the club had been through over the years, one thing is for sure. The fans are still there through thick and thin and will never leave the team behind. Whoever the owner, the coach and the players will be. Leeds Club will remain solid thanks to the fans unwavering support.