Interesting Things About Leeds

Do you know that Leeds is one of the most livable and booming cities in the UK? Yes, that’s right. If this is the case, then now is the time that you put your eyes on this city, see if there is an in for you, where you can earn profits out of your investment. Or, perhaps, live a good life in the city.

The city has a total population of about 751,500. It’s UK’s 3rd largest, one of the greenest, and fastest growing cities. What to expect from this city? There are shopping centres, parks, museums, business centres, and a lot more to offer for tourists and locals alike.

To give you an overview about Leeds and a little bit of information of this superb city, read on:

1. Leeds ranked 6th greenest city in Britain. The criteria are based on the quality of life and environmental performance.

2. The university of Leeds gets more applications from students than from other universities in the UK. It is dubbed as “Best University Destination” in the country. Take note, 10% of the total UK graduates every year studied here.

3. The economy in Leeds is way much bigger to a total of 9 European countries. There is approximately 106,000 companies that are based in the city. The workforce is about 1.9 million.

4. In real estate property, a decade ago an average house in Leeds is about £84,550. As of 2015, it went up to £172,850. A whopping 105% increase within the course of 10 years.

5. The city is home to a centre that boasts with a 3.5 million square feet of retail space. There is about 5 miles worth of floor space. It is even coined as UK’s one of the largest shopping areas that are pedestrianised.

6. The city grows fast regarding business and economy wise. Its even called as the 2nd largest source of employment outside of the capital, London. A total of 110,000 of people commute to report to work.

7. Way back in 2003, Henley Management College came up with a study called “Urban Behavior, and named Leeds as “Best Place To Live in Britain”.

8. Based on VisitBritain in 2008, Leeds attracts more visitors to the city compared to other holiday destinations in the country.

Now that you have an idea as to a few things about Leeds, what’s next for you? Why not weigh things over. See if you pay a visit to this city, enjoy a vacation or move to the city with your family and have a career.

Whatever the reason it is, one thing is for sure, Leeds professional loss assessors have a lot to offer. Whether it would be for economic or social causes, this is the place to be. The people here, employment, and the entire city itself does have something to give that you can not resist – a good life away from the busy streets of London. So, take a pause, and see if this is the city that you must visit or live in the future.