Case Study 3

High Net Worth

On a high net worth domestic claim the Insured suffered extensive water damage which included replacement of a carpet.  A report was provided to the insurers by an independent firm relating to the value of the carpet, which was referred to their loss adjusters. Acting on behalf of the policyholder, we were informed of the value given by the loss adjuster, but we were not given any details of the report, or indeed a copy.

It however transpired following our own investigations that the figures given by the independent expert were significantly higher than the offer proposed by the loss adjusters and also no cost had been included by the loss adjusters for fitting the new carpet although included in the insurers’ preferred suppliers quotation. As a result we were able to obtain a settlement significantly more than the original offer proposed by the loss adjusters thusd showing that the loss adjuster acting on behalf of the insurer is not always the policyholder’s friend.