Case Study 2

Industrial Smoke Damage

A commercial concern in Bolton suffered the effects of smoke from a fire in a neighbouring industrial unit.  A director of the company reported the matter to their Insurance Brokers advising that they thought the loss was in the region of £20,000.  The Broker on inspection thought the matter was potentially worse, therefore contacted us to assist the Insured.

On arrival we were able to ascertain that whilst the effect of the smoke was not significant, it could well be damaging to the Insured’s stock which related to electronic components.  Following discussions with the Insurance Company’s Loss Adjusters we were able to negotiate a settlement on the stock relating to a damage allowance of £140,000.

This was even taking into account some under insurance.  We also agreed further payments on the Contents and Business Interruption.

The client did not realise the long term effects that the smoke would have on their products and it was due to our experience and knowledge of these hazards that we were able to explain the matter to them and of course to the Insurance Company’s Loss Adjusters.